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Jan 15, 2018

Why are there nil channels in Go?

This blog post is complementary to episode 26 of justforfunc which you can watch right below. Everybody that has written some Go knows about channels. Most of us also know that the default value for channels is nil. But not many of us know that this nil value is actually useful. I got this same question on twitter, from a developer learning Go, wondering whether Go nil channels existed just for completeness. ...Read More
Dec 18, 2017

Understanding Go programs with go/parser

This blog post describes the same techniques used during episode 25 of justforfunc which you can watch right below. Previously in justforfunc In a previous post, we used the go/scanner package in Go’s standard library to identify which was the most common identifier in the standard library itself. Spoiler alert: it was v. In order to get a somehow more meaningful list, we limited the search to those identifiers that were three letters long or more. ...Read More
Dec 4, 2017

What's the most common identifier in Go's stdlib?

This is the blog post form for the latest justforfunc episode of the same title. And the code for the program can be found here, in the justforfunc repository. Problem statement Imagine you’ve been given this program below and you want to extract all of the identifiers in it. package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, world") } We should obtain a list containing main, fmt, and Println. ...Read More

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